When the wind sang to me (Chail-Part 2)


We had a plan to camp this time, to relax amidst nature and enjoy the sun (which actually turned into rain and hailstorm). Nature can never stop to amuse you, isn’t it!

We stayed at the Snow Trails Camp, Koti Neen. There is a road off the Chail-Kufri road that takes you to Neen. The road started off okay but later, it was kinda scary. But, there was no turning back, actually there was no space to turn back. We kept on heading towards the site, and after some 10 kms off the main road, we reached the Snow Trails Camp. After a short sunny welcome, we had to face a heavy rainfall. Though we had full plans to stay in a Swiss tent, we ended up choosing a cottage. It was a fine decision, for it rained the entire night, giving us more reasons to relish the warmth of a blanket while watching the rain pour outside. Green looked a different kind of green and very soon, we would see the snow covered peaks. It was glorious. I now know for sure, I am a mountain person, any given day, any time! As if the clouds welcomed you into its arms, and you could stay forever.


The view I am talking about

As far as the Snow Trails Camp is concerned, the variety and the taste of the food they served was awesome, the folks are helpful and trust me, there is peace and beauty all around. They also offer year round activities such as Rock Rappeling, Rock climbing, Flying fox, Obstacles course. Burma Bridge , Bamboo bridge, Rope bridge, monkey crawl, Tarzan swing. I did none (unfortunately), as I was just out of the rest-bed and would need some more time to recover before I can indulge in such adventurous activities. Sharing some pictures clicked around the camp site, thankfully, the sun shone bright the next day, giving me ample time to capture the beauty through my lenses. I guess I spent close to an hour listening to the wind whisper some sweet nothings into my ear!

_DSC6658_DSC6688_DSC6797 _DSC6799


_DSC6811_DSC6843 _DSC6847

All the pictures are clicked IN and AROUND the camp site, hope you liked them all πŸ™‚




  1. Vishal says:

    All the pictures give a true and authentic view of the nature. Thanks for all the knowledge you share in your blogs.

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much vishal, I am glad I could help. Thank you for being so encouraging!

  2. umesh kaul says:

    Appreciate the clarity in the pics. Nice Clicks!

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you for the kind comment Sir πŸ™‚

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