“Traveller Interview” With Sunita

This week, Traveller Interview features Sunita. Based in India, Sunita is very much a part of the corporate world and a vacation means more than just an escape to her. Vacation, according to her, besides exploring new places and tasting new cuisines, also means spending the entire time with her loved ones and pamper them with all the love she has to offer. We are so happy to feature her this week and we wish her happy travels for all the years to come!


You can check out her happy Instagram gallery at Sunita. And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy her answers.

What’s your favorite place so far?

Goa, I am a beach person, I just loved it.

What’s the favorite thing you’ve bought during your travels?

Memories, that’s the greatest thing one can gather and cherish throughout the life

What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve received?

Go where your heart says

If you had to live in one, and only one, city for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

I am a Metro City Person so I guess would be fine in Delhi.

What are the essentials in your travel bag?

Hand Sanitizer, Shades, Tissue Papers, Lip Balm

Most annoying trait of fellow travelers?

Some people get involved too much, advise too much when it’s not required

What’s your favorite quote?

Patience is the mantra for Happiness

Any funny stories from your travels?

I am not a water person and I am big time afraid of deep water. Accidentally my water ride went upside down and I went inside the water. My reaction was way too funny since I felt I was almost dead.

What is your favorite photo from your travels?






















If you could travel back in time to meet a historical figure, who would it be and why?

My Father, my Idol, My all-time Favorite

Do you have any irrational fears that your travels have helped you overcome? How?

I had a phobia of water which I could fight being in the beach.

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