Travel Anxiety


Not that I am afraid of travelling, but I always have these butterflies in my stomach if I have to travel. It starts appearing from 1 or 2 days prior to travelling. I remember those days from childhood where I would have stay awake for hours just in the name of a picnic (even to a nearby place) or a field trip.

 I start having sleepless nights…I paint the destination in my mind with wide open eyes, calculate the savings vs. expenses, count all the stuffs that need to be taken along etc. Please note that none of these things are done in real, but it’s the mind that plays the trick.

 I thought I was the only one, and while searching on the internet, I realized that this is one of the common anxieties that are reported. I read some articles on travel anxiety, and thought of sharing some root causes and solutions. I found it useful, hope you do too.

Reasons of Travel Anxiety:

a)      Fear of flying: (who? Me? No!! I love to fly. I am in love with the speed in the runaway, though the strong turbulence make me close my eyes). For many, this really is one big trouble. The fear of flying is also called Pteromerhanophobia (such a difficult word to remember, I swear). It is also sometimes referred to as aerophobia, aviatophobia, or aviophobia. It can even be fear related to driving for long, sailing against those mighty waves etc.

b)      Horror stories: Okay, these do not necessarily mean stories related to ghosts. It might even be those worst experiences shared by travelers. You can read some really good reviews (both positive and negative) of the location you are planning to travel, on the internet. Those stories seem to create a confusion in the final hour. 

c)      Missing home: Home is that one place where you can be anyone you want to be and do anything you want to do. By travelling, you will be spending a few nights in a place which is definitely not home. That curiosity leads to travel anxiety for many. I do get these thoughts too, but I try to face them and tell to myself, travel unravels you. Just face this anxiety and you will come out of the entire travel experience as a better person.

: d)      Trip completion “blues”: Remember the Sunday blues that you get when you are more worried about the Monday and end up wasting your Sunday? This is similar to the Sunday feeling. “Oh my trip will be over soon! How will I manage to get back on track after the beautiful vacation?” These are the common statements people like me, make. Again, you have to fight your mind. You will have those beautiful memories to cherish once you are back.


a)     Face your fears: There is no point running away from your fears. They are a part of you and you shouldn’t let them cancel your adventure.

b)     New place? : Come on, you don’t have to worry about being to a place you have never been before. Surprises are absolute fun. Remember, there are many others like you who are exploring new places every day. Research all you can about the new place and you will be more confident and comfortable about your travelling plans.

c)     Packing planner: So that you are sure you have everything you need, do make sure to create your list of items you need to carry along. You might tend to forget something or the other due to the last minute rush. I always create the list almost a week ahead so that I have enough time to update it as required. Do not forget to carry essentials like medicines, your IDs, prescription glasses etc.

d)     Continue taking vacation breaks: That ways, you will be used to your travel fears and will learn how to tackle them, if not make them disappear. Practice makes you perfect.

Have more things to share? Do leave a comment as it might be useful for someone J

 Keep travelling!!

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