Those little things…

First of all, PRAYERS for Nepal. Though its good to know that my friends from Nepal are doing good, my heart goes out to the ones whose lives would no longer be the same. I hope you come out stronger. Prayers!!!

This earthquake made me think of how short life can be and how important it is to live each moment while you are alive. While we are busy collecting materials, we less care about the memories we make. I want lesser things and more memories. I want lesser ornaments and more smiles. I  want to be happy, from within, always.

I do not want to leave the series of posts in the middle, I want to share those pictures that made me happy while driving from Chail to Delhi, via Kufri and Shimla. This time, they are all black and white. You would see a beautiful dog that became my friend in Chail, the gorgeous yaks in Kufri, the drops of rain scattered on the car-glass, the fruits ready to be consumed in Shimla, and finally, me falling in love with a hat!!!

Hope you like them all. Keep smiling 🙂



_DSC6450 _DSC6901
_DSC6947 _DSC6980



  1. vishal says:

    Very nice and thoughtful post. Pics are beautiful, as always. Keep writing…

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Vishal!!!

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