The Tailor-Made Floral Dress

The weather in Delhi, these days, is gorgeous. Some days, I wake up to rainy mornings and some nights, I sit in the balcony for hours watching the sky melt into those soft drops. The green is so vibrant around me and the sunset, ah, those daily sunsets look like a kid’s drawing book. Full of colors and patterns! Everything around me looks so beautiful! I am hoping the weather at your place is awesome too!

<3 <3 <3

Keeping in mind the colors around me, I pulled out a floral dress which was tucked away in my closet for years. I could not even remember for a while where I picked this one up (can you imagine this is such an ancient piece :P?) Then I remembered, this one is tailor-made. This dress belongs to that time of my life when visiting tailor shops were a part of life. Not that I don’t go there anymore, but the trips are now limited to the wedding season and minor alterations.

The fabric of this dress is stretchable so I did not have any problem getting into it. Yaaay! It still fits 😀 I teamed this dress with Long Chain Danglers and a Pink Crystal Pendant Necklace from Shoppers Stop.

We shot these pictures at our balcony, but I will definitely shoot something outdoors for the next post. I have also added  sunset pictures I clicked the other day. I hope you enjoy the pictures  as much as we enjoyed making them.

Have a great week guys, will catch up real soon!


  1. Steve Burns says:

    Fantastic photos as always! Nice photos of the clouds, too!

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you very much, Steve! So glad you liked the pictures 😀

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