Thailand(2): Angthong National Marine Park

It was Prateek’s birthday and we couldn’t have celebrated the day any better.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel (Day 1), I started looking out for Tour Packages from Koh Samui for the particular day. There were several options like Island hoping, Fishing, Picnic, Zeep Tour, Wildlife tour, Jungle Tour etc and I zeroed down on Samui Island Tour (Samui to Angthong National Marine Park). The day’s itinerary looked very promising and included several activities like Sea Kayaking, Snorkelling, Hiking, Swimming and not to mention, a sumptuous lunch and unlimited snacks. It was my gift to the birthday boy and I prayed real hard that it turns out to be a “perfect day”.

Angthong National Marine Park: Mu Koh Angthong National Marine park is an archipelago in the Gulf of Siam situated North-West of Koh samui covering an area of 102 sq kms consisting of 42 islands.

The day started early for us and we were picked in a mini bus from our hotel and dropped at Nathon Pier. We were greeted with smiling faces and were quickly directed to the boat that would take us to Angthong National Marine Park.

Ready for the tour

Pretty soon, we were comfortably seated and had our life jackets on. It was time to start off and add another adventure to our lives.

Comfortably seated, got the seat with the perfect view! Lucky!

Thrilled to bits with our journey so far, our heartbeats hit the roof as we started locating distant islands and the huge rocks. The view was surreal. My eyes won’t blink and my shutter won’t stop.

Those islands…far far away…

After riding the boat for an hour or so, we arrived at the destination. The destination was not a beach, but the sea, the point where we would head out with our kayak to Mae Koh.

All set with our kayak
We are Group 1
Our wonderful instructor, Christina

Our kayaking leader, Christina, was very informative and we took no time to get up to the pace, grasp the directions, memorize the things to do and most importantly, the things Not to Do, and started off alongside the massive rock formations.

Happy faces 🙂

The water was clear but as the jelly fishes made the rounds, we were warned not to dip our hands into the water. We kayaked past beautiful beaches and into massive caves, and what a thrilling experience it was!

Inside the caves! It was dark but quite fun actually!

The session lasted for around 45 minutes and upon reaching Beach No 4, Mae Koh, we hiked several steep stairs to see a beautiful emerald green lagoon known as Talay Nai. It’s a beautiful surrounded by sheer cliffs and totally worth the efforts. By the time we reached the Lagoon Viewpoint, we were drenched in our sweat, but the view is so refreshing and raw, we would not have missed it for any price. Some things are really priceless.

Done with kayaking, time for some soft drinks and beautiful view
Got to hike to the lagoon now!
A beautiful stranger 🙂
Talay Nai, beautiful!!! Just beautiful!!!

After spending around an hour over there and sipping some soft drinks, we were brought back to our boat by a long-tail boat. It was lunch time and since we were a bit drained and famished, the food, already delicious, was now “divine”.

Group 2 is back too, time for lunch 😛

Once every passenger was back, we started moving towards another island, Wua Ta Lap, where we had options to hike/trek/snorkel/swim/sunbathe. We were definitely spoilt for choices. Since we did not carry our trekking/hiking shoes, we picked up our snorkeling gears and spent hours at the beach snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. The sea water at this part of the sea was not clear and though there were several hard corals, we could hardly see much through the water. Prateek got lucky as he saw a few fishes including a sea cucumber. We lost count of time.

Gorgeous view on the way to the snorkelling site
<3 <3 <3
Someone just clicked a selfie 😛
Living the moment
Love my life

After a few hours, the dark clouds drifting towards indicated that it was time to head back to the boat. Though everyone tried their best, we could not escape the rain. It was massive and soon we were all drenched. The rain was ice cold but what a day it was! Soon, the long tail boat dropped us to our bigger boat, the boat that would bring us back to Samui. The excitement that the adventurous day left, showed on everyone’s face. It was really incredible and the view was spectacular.

Almost back

On our journey homewards, I made us a cup of coffee and started gazing at the sky wondering if there would be a spectacular sunset once the clouds were gone. I did not realize when I fell asleep and in my dreams, I might have seen the sky light up with colors I have never seen before. I was happy when I woke up and within minutes upon reaching, we were comfortably seated in the mini bus, headed to our hotel. Prateek said he had the best birthday ever. I smiled, as it was my best day as well, in terms of adventure.

A very lovely Happy Birthday message from the hotel staff
Happy Birthday Prateek :* Thank you for the lovely cake, Deva Samui Resort staff <3

Tour Details:

Name of the package: Samui Island tour (Tour to Angthong National Marine Park)

Price (in Thai Baht): 1850 for adult, 1000 for child (as on Sept 2016)

Inclusions: Snorkelling, Sightseeing, kayaking, Hotel transfers, Accident insurance, Admission Fee, English Speaking Guides, Snorkelling gears, Life Jacket, Long-tail Boat transfer, Breakfast, Buffet lunch, Fruits, Soft drinks, Kayak Equipment, Dry Bags

Things to carry: Sun Protection, Towel, Swimming Suite, Camera, Trekking Shoes (if you wish to trek at Wua Ta Lap island)

Hope you loved this part of the journey! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

See you soon-



  1. Reliving my trip to Samui, I enjoyed the cave exploration as well.

    xoxo Chaicy – styleapastiche. com

    1. Shanta says:

      So glad to hear that Chaicy..this has to be one of the best days of my life!

  2. Hey Love, Such an interesting article..all those pictures made me relive my visit to Thailand ..Love those pictures. 🙂 🙂

    1. Shanta says:

      Goodness, I am so sorry..I took forever to read this comment.
      Thank you so much my dear friend…

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