Sri Lanka: Postcards From Paradise

While the sunrise dramatically unfolded the intense colors of a cloudy sky, the last hour of sunlight transformed the waves crashing against the shore into fiery prisms. The coconut saplings planted along the borders of the beach side resorts, the king coconuts warmly decorating the sides of the curvy road, the red coaches of the famous Sri Lanka train passing by every evening with that horn that induced nostalgia, the mangroves sitting calmly along the Bentota river are only a few of the many elements that come together to make Sri Lanka a “Masterpiece”.

Hello Everyone, we are back from Sri Lanka after a week of happiness in the beautiful island and those few days gave us a fascinating insight into the country’s history and culture. Warm hospitality, delicious food and majestic landscapes are only a few facades of Sri Lanka.

I thought I would jump-start my Sri Lanka blog series with some photographs from the entire trip and not just a particular day. I hope you liked them all.


  1. Sharsti Suman says:

    Everything is just so awesome dii ✌️

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you tons sweety :* :*

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