Review : Adidas AX 2 Shoes for Women

Adidas AX 2 W

Hello Everyone,

I shall be reviewing a few items that I use/used during our trips. I am hoping this would be helpful for everyone. In this post, I am writing about the pair of shoes I packed for my recent trip to Manali and then to Lama Dugh. You can learn more about the Lama Dugh trek over here .

The most important thing when it comes to hiking or trekking is SHOES. Shoes can make or break the entire experience. Recently, I went to Manali and for a trek of close to 9 hours in the mountains. For my week long trip, I carried a 50L backpack and I did not have the pleasure of being able to fit several shoes or slippers. To keep my baggage light, I chose a pair of Adidas flip flops and these Adidas shoes. These are super light and over the past year, I have developed a relationship with this pair.

Treat for the feet



-Material: Synthetic

-Closure Type: Lace-Up

-Air mesh and synthetic upper

-Color: Purple and Blue. Grey laces.

-Mine are a Size 4 (23 cm length).

-Price: Rs 5999

My Experience:

Last year, after my surgery, I started gaining weight rapidly. Within a few weeks of getting discharged from the hospital, most my clothes stopped fitting me (not exaggerated). I promised to myself that I shall start working out as soon as I recover. After 3 months of the surgery, I found myself at the gym, ready to bring my weight back on track. That’s when I bought this pair of shoes. I picked them up at their store in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, along with a few other things. It’s been a year now and I am more than happy with my pick. I have used them pretty rough over the year (worked out in them often, ran/trekked in them in Delhi, Chennai, Andamans and Manali) and there has been no abrasion, not even a single tear in them. There as just the way I bought them. I am totally in love with Adidas AX 2.

Recent Trek to Lama Dugh:

For that extra grip

I literally lived in them the entire day. I survived in them for more than 12 hours. This pair is comfortable right out of the box. Considering my trek was just for a day and also considering the fact that the trail was well defined, this was the right choice for me. The terrain was dry and I did not have to carry any heavy load. For longer treks, I will have to switch to trek boots.

Trekked in them


  1. Extremely light-weight.
  2. They fit very well and do not hurt my feet (esp heels).
  3. Good quality, no issue found even after rough usage for a year.
  4. Can easily walk in them for hours
  5. Looks pretty cool with the vibrant colors, can wear them with any hiking clothes
  6. Give a great grip on rough terrains
  7. Flexible soles
  8. Great for indoor workouts as well
  9. For such a great quality, I am fine with the price



My ankle hurt while returning from Lama Dugh Meadows Campsite, but that was because my walking posture was affected by the pain inflicted by my slightly long fingernails. Not for the shoe. I am more than happy with my buy.

Did I like it?  A BIG YES

Will I recommend it for a one day trek? A BIG YES

See you soon 🙂





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  2. Very informative post. Really like the photo where ‘you trekked in them’ !

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much 😀 😀

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