Rajasthan: A DREAM (Part 4: The STAY)

With Rekha after the dance session                                                          With Rekha after the dance session (Brys Fort)

All right! So I have covered most of the major items encountered during our Rajasthan road trip. We did posts on the sand, the camels and the road. What remain are the stay and some miscellaneous items related to the stay.


Our road trip was planned in such a way that we halted  Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and  Bikaner.

Jodhpur: We stayed at “Desertscape Resort”(http://www.desertscapejodhpur.com/web/) The property is inside a community. It was kind of lonely out there and we did not quite enjoy the stay. It was close to “empty” and we didn’t see any other human (except for us and the resort folks) until breakfast. However, since we were a group of friends travelling together, we managed to kill the night away with fun and laughter. Food was okay (a bit spicy for us, we had to ask them to totally avoid chilly) but service wasn’t that great. They have a gym and some outdoor activities like pool, carom and Table Tennis. Rooms were good though. Sorry, I didn’t click any pictures of this place, maybe because I love gathering happy memories. But this one is a lesson learnt-you have to take pictures whether you like it or not.

Jaisalmer: We stayed at the “Brys Fort” (http://www.brysfort.com/). As the name suggests, this property was no less than a fort. Jaisalmer is a beautiful place and this hotel is a cherry on the top. The hotel also gives you a view of the lovely Jaisalmer city. The rooms are spacious and the entire stay was very calm and comfortable. They have a spa, gym and several outdoor activities. This is a beautiful venue for destination wedding. Food was great and the staff was extremely helpful. They organized cultural shows and Rekha, the pretty dancer pulled me to join  her. I couldn’t match up to her but it was fun. Rekha is gorgeous and the traditional singers were just awesome. Some of the Brys Fort stay pictures are below-

Our Room :)

Our Room

View from the balcony

View from the balcony

The pool  viewThe pool view

The other side
                                                                                        The other side
Learning a step or  two!!!
                                                                                Learning a step or two!!!
Gorgeous Rekha
                                                                      Gorgeous Rekha

Bikaner: We chose the “Marudyan Resort” for the night’s stay (http://www.marudyan.com/). This resort was pretty different and I had a feeling that I was home. The owner (Uncle) is an awesome person and I am really glad I met him. This is a very “close to nature” property. Surrounded with lustrous green fields, this resort can be said to be blessed with boundless nature’s beauty. The stay was extremely pleasant and peaceful. Uncle arranged for a bonfire and we all had a great, great time during the entire stay. This is a pet-friendly resort and home to 3 lovely dogs (Maddy, Rowdy and Brutus). I was so glad to have stayed there and if ever I get a chance to visit Bikaner, I would not try out any new place but head out straight to Marudyan Resort. Below are some pictures clicked on the property-

The entrance to the pool, isn't it serene??
                                                             The entrance to the pool, isn’t it serene??
Brutus-The Sweetheart!!!
                                                                      Brutus-The Sweetheart!!!
Lovely Maddy!!!
                                                                                      Lovely Maddy!!!

With this post, I am wrapping up my Rajasthan experience-2014. If you allow, road trips can teach you several things. My major takeaways are:

·       Respect Nature

·       Drive Sensibly

·       Love yourself and your friends

·       Keep your camera close, you might come across magical views while being on the road (on a lighter note)

Thank you all for being a part of this journey and needless to say, I can’t wait for the next road trip. I guess I am in love with the roads and I am definitely willing to pursue this “LOVE-AFFAIR”!!!

 Lots of love,



  1. Good photos; the lady with the colourful costume is the best one.

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much 😀

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