Out of the Blue- A Pushkar delight: Rajasthan 2


All right, let me now tell you about a cafe we went to. I am fond of cafes that play Himalayan trance, serve fresh juices, and gives you that little corner to reflect upon your life or maybe read a few pages of your on-going novel. Well, that’s me. Rishikesh introduced me to such cafes, and since then, I keep on chasing such hangouts. M (one of us) really wanted to visit “Pink Floyd Cafe”; however, we were a little far away from its location. We looked up for another offbeat cafe at Lonely Planet, and settled down for “Out of the Blue”. In my mind, I pictured something that would surprise us.

In the main market, stood a tall blue building that stated “Out of the Blue”. Once we stepped in, it was all “blue”. Not the gloomy blue, but the color blue. It was drop dead gorgeous. Interiors are extremely well decorated and totally lived up to the expectations. There are large windows, blue walls and ceilings, pillars to write down your experience/s, blue tables along with a very spacious seating arrangement. We went to the roof top. The rooftop area gives an amazing view of the Pushkar City and the lake, along with a gorgeous view of the Aravalli Range of hills. The cool breeze is an add-on. It’s a perfect place to enjoy some really cool music, sip some coffee and watch the sunset. The cuisine they had in their menu was majorly Italian and Indian. The beverage range was pretty amusing, with some being capable of giving hallucinogenic effects. I just settled down for some really palatable lassi.

I really loved this place; should you get some time to try out a new cafe while being at Pushkar, do give this one a try. You won’t regret it.

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