Nagau: A different experience (Things you should ideally do)

I have always considered myself to be the wild one. When I call myself the “wild soul”, I usually refer to my dreams and my willingness to chase them no matter how impossible them seem to be. But this time, during our trip, we encountered some other souls who had a whole different definition of “wild” and I am crediting them for being the complete inspiration for this post.

So, what do you do when you are in a quiet and beautiful place like Nagau? You might call me an old school, but below are the things I did and usually do on similar trips-

  1. Go out for morning walks:

This tops my itinerary. This time as well, I went out for walks every morning, alone. I looked around for beautiful spots and met several locals and tourists as well. Got into some serious talks with a few of them about the place, the vegetation, and the lives they lived. Shared some of my experiences and learnt a lot about them.

2. Play with the furry ones:

Anywhere I go, I come across beautiful dogs and puppies. I think of this as a blessing and I really feel great when I feed them biscuits or scratch them till they would yearn for more. They somehow make me feel there is still good in me, for I strongly believe that animals can sense your deeper feelings and thoughts.

3. Find that perfect spot and read a book:

This was the only trip when I did not carry a book with me as I thought I would hardly get time out for we were a larger group. But no! Early morning the next day of arrival, I started feeling so devoid and restless and I had that thing inside of me, to read. I checked with the owner and voila! He presented to me a bunch of books his ancestors read and I cannot even express how lucky I felt to be reading the same book that someone read 50 years ago. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling? I spent hours reading the book I picked in a spot overlooking a beautiful valley.

4. Head out for a tiny trek:

During the conversation with one old local man, I got to know there was a temple at the cliff of the mountain and that it was an easy trek of like 2-3 hours. I headed out to the temple all alone, for as important it is in life to have friends, it is also equally important to challenge yourselves with some little tasks on your own. This trek was a challenge and  I won’t turn back. I took the shortcut to the temple, which meant I would be showing off my jumping and climbing skills. I walked through thorny bushes, strong enough to imprint their memories on my skin, and crawled through certain places. The destination was wonderful but my heart won’t stop pounding like the kind of rush you get when you complete a sprint. I took the easy way for the climb down, and there in a span of 2-3 hours, I had that inner joy of achievement.

5. Bonfire and the night strolls:

When the bonfire is up and the temperature is down, it’s time for never ending talks. Even though you are friends with someone for a long time, you still hear unheard stories every time you get together over a bonfire. We went for a few strolls nearby, clicked some pictures of the night, pulled legs of a friend who has an app that tells the name of the stars but never actually works etc etc.

6. Check out the nearby places:

Some of the places to see near Nagau are Tiger Falls, Kanasar, Mundali and you can pull the rest up by looking for things to do in that area. I did not go to any of these places as I chose my book and the solo trek over driving and rushing to see these places. My friends (including Mr. Husband) went over to Tiger Falls and had a good time out there. They said that the journey was wonderful, but the used diapers floating of the water of the Tiger falls made them term the place as dirty. Yuck..indeed!!! Is it so difficult to dump the garbage and shit into the dustbins? I wonder!

7. Photography:

Taking pictures has become a part of me. I do not have the habit of taking my camera everywhere I go, but yes, I do look out for fine spots and if I find any and don’t have the camera along, I revisit the place and spend hours taking pictures.

In a nutshell, this is what I did during our trip to Nagau. Its not necessary that you do the same things, but in general, the goal of any such trip is to enjoy the calmness that nature has to offer, explore places around and indulge in hobbies that nourish the soul. Usually during our trips, we come across like-minded people and end up being friends. Interestingly, this time, the situation was way too different. The resort we stayed at was a new one and they have recently started. They have 6 tents and 2 outdoor camps were arranged. So besides our group and 2 other families, there was also another huge family that occupied 2 tents. They were around 12 of them and I wonder how they managed to squeeze into 2 tents, anyways, it’s none of my business.

Now, these are the things they did and here I am, presenting a different side of “wild”. It made my question different things. Let me share the things they did so you know too. It might be quite possible that they too needed a break, but they really chose a wrong destination. So from their perspective, here are the “Things to do when you are in a quiet and beautiful place like Nagau”:

  1. Wake up and discuss about money and booze:

Ok, I wasn’t eavesdropping. You really cannot blame others when they know your stories because you are so damn loud. Money is important and so is booze. You can discuss about how much you drank last night and how much you can drink tonight. All this, right after you wake up and sip your morning tea in the veranda.

2. Go to the local market:

You can drive to the local market and buy all the booze you need for the  stay and not just booze, but also the starters that go with booze. You can buy different appetizers for the different liquors you bought.

3. Afternoon catch-up:

Trips are about families and how can you have fun unless you are drinking. So, its 2 PM, and the “cheers” fill the air. They were having a good time by their verandas. By 4 PM, someone would puke, but the drinking doesn’t stop and why should it, it’s their lives.

4. Bonfire:

Ah, the drinking has just started. So what if you have been drinking for like 5-6 hours, you know that the drinking has just started. The families, men and women and kids, surround the bonfire while the drinking continues. Fun has just started isn’t it?

5. Play music real loud:

Now that you are slightly drunk, you need music to dance to, right? You ask the extremely hospitable owner to lend the music system but the owner refuses because it wasn’t  quite a show you put up last night. This is when you don’t give a damn and drive your car to the bonfire spot. Given the fact that you have the best car music system of the world, you start playing the peppy numbers real loud, so loud that the other people get confused whether to pick a fight or run away or give you a tough competition. And when your 4 and 5 years olds complain that they are bored, you make them dance to numbers like “Jaanu…aaj raat ka scene bana ley” and “Daddy Mummy nahi hai ghar pe”.

6. Don’t give a damn to others and nature..what nature?

When the owner requests you to slow down the volume and respect others’ space, you ignore him completely and give him an attitude of “who is the boss?” If the place is quiet and serene and people come there from across the world to listen to the birds sing or just drown in the silence of the night, you have to bring the noise up and ensure every bird in the far away mountains hears the songs you play.

7. Make your presence felt:

Since you have paid your amount for the tent and your breakfast, you are not responsible for anything except you and your own. You dump the empty bottles wherever you want, your throw the used plates and everything that should ideally go into the dustbin, in the middle of the garden that the staff took months to groom. In a single night, you make others question, “What are they???”

These are the two types of people we came across during the trip. Which one are you? Honestly, if you just have to drink and disrupt the peace and quiet of a beautiful and serene place, where people pray nature and worship them as God, I guess you should rather stay home at NCR and visit some FULLY AC CLUB WITH BOLLYWOOD NUMBERS for the hill station like cold atmosphere and peppy songs, to experience the same thing that you did but by disturbing many others at Nagau. Be responsible travelers. There is no harm in drinking and dancing, but please do not take it to an extreme level where you attack your neighbors space and disrespect the calmness that place has to offer.


  1. Hahaha… Completely agree with what other people feel they should do in a place like Nagau. Have been so irritated with such characters.

    You mention taking pictures, but you don’t seem to have taken any? Would have loved to see some…

    1. Shanta says:

      Very true! I did take pictures, posted some pictures of the journey in the previous post and will also add a few of them in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned 🙂

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