Love and Sufism – Fatehpur Sikri


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it—George Santayana

There are days when we simply think of “where” we came from, our culture…the rich history and what made us who we are today. I revere the history of this land, especially the architecture during the Mughal rule. The Mughal Emperors gave a new direction to architecture. These buildings tell stories of the dead while they were alive; they once were alive with the walls listening to the rhythm of love and the glory of the warriors. Walking through the huge monuments, I could feel the chills and I couldn’t stop soaking the beauty of the monument we recently visited…Fatehpur Sikri.


Welcome 🙂

“For history loving people, Fatehpur Sikri is a city and a municipal board in Agra district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city was founded in 1569 by the Mughal emperor Akbar, and served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1571 to 1585. After his military victories over Chittor and Ranthambore, Akbar decided to shift his capital from Agra to a new location 23 miles (37 km) W.S.W on the Sikri ridge, to honor the Sufi saint Salim Chishti. Here he commenced the construction of a planned walled city which took the next fifteen years in planning and construction of a series of royal palaces, harem, courts, a mosque, private quarters and other utility buildings. He named the city, Fatehabad, with Fateh, a word of Arabic origin in Persian, meaning “victorious.” it was later called Fatehpur Sikri.[3] It is at Fatehpur Sikri that the legends of Akbar and his famed courtiers, the nine jewels or Navaratnas, were born.“ (Courtesy: Wiki)

Indeed, Fatehpur Sikri is one of the best preserved collections of Indian Mughal architecture in India. Though the place was overflowing with tourists from different parts of the world, it was calm enough for me to indulge in photography and bargain for my “shopping”. Did I tell you that I love collecting specialties from every other place I visit?

Alright, so talking about our part, this was another road trip. Fatehpur Sikri is almost 260 KMs from where we stay, via the Yamuna Express way. This was my first time on the Express Way and the road “rocked”. We had one of our best drives ever. The best part was, the drive was carefree where you didn’t have to keep an eye on anyone surprising you by jumping from the divider to cross the road (he he). It was a day trip.

Fatehpur Sikri is beautiful and is very well maintained. It was clean; except for the few names of the lovebirds scribbled on the walls (what do they have in their mind while doing this?). We hired a private guide and Mr. Husband was busy grasping the history of the place. I am not the “be guided” types and I prefer wandering on my own, clicking whatever I want to and read the details on the “Information” plate.

Dress Code: Modest clothing is recommended for places of worship, with knees and shoulders covered for both men and women. My skirt was slightly above the knee length and hence, the sarong!

Warning: Beware of the scammers. They can easily be found in the way leading to the monument as well as the parking area. They would offer you everything from free parking to what not. When asked who they are, they would say “licensed guides.” When you turn them down, they would ask you to pay for XYZ reason. My advice? Just drive away. Also, the second you get near this place many people come up to you to try to sell you things. The prices would be way toooo high. If you really like something, bargain well. Else, do not buy anything.

I personally found it a wonderful place to practice shooting the monuments. I am still learning and this place turned out to be a wonderful teacher to help me with the lighting and shutter speed. Below are some of the pictures taken during the trip. The pictures staring me were taken by Mr. Husband and my other family members who were also part of the trip. Hope you like them 🙂 . Please do share your feedback if any.


The Yamuna Express Way


                                 The breath taking monument



I want this 😛



Mixing with the dust




Tomb of Salim Chisti




Buland Darwaza


A glimpse of Jodha Bai’s Palace


Life dances in-front of the eyes as I watch the sunset


<3 <3 <3


The sarong 😀


Where to next????? 😛 😛

Keep travelling and growing 🙂


(Happy Festive Season by the way)


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  2. digbijoy says:

    cool pics 🙂 .. may I know what camera this is ? .. like nikon/canon model etc ? 🙂 …
    Also people claim Yamuna expressway is like out of the world…seems like its true !!

    1. Shanta says:

      Hi Digbijoy….I use Nikon D5100. The Yamuna expressway is really wow, amazing view, amazing road and very well maintained. Thank you for checking the post. Hope all is well at your end.

  3. Ashish Agarwal says:

    amazing pics shanta, you feel like going to the place once you read and see the pics!!!

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Ashish 🙂

  4. Sunita Gupta says:

    Let me tel you, you are a great photographer, no no no..u dont know, i swear u are…i just loved every click of yours:):)

    Loads of love

    1. Shanta says:

      Many thanks Sunita 🙂 I have always loved photography, guess the passion reflects in the pictures 🙂 Thank you for visiting the blog, keep doing so forever!!!!

  5. Thomasvek says:

    Great internet site! It looks extremely professional! Sustain the helpful job!

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