Inside the head of a First Time Solo Traveler- Old Manali(1)

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great. I am here with a new post, after a long, long time. Sorry about that 🙂

Well, as I write this post, I am blessed with some more courage and confidence. Reason? I am checking “Solo Travel” off my list. Yaaayyyy!!!!!


I have forgotten the number of times I have read about the stories that mark India as unsafe for females, specifically for solo travelers. Maybe this is one of the core reasons why we refrain from venturing out alone even when we so badly want to explore places our way, at our own pace. Its true, bad things happen…everywhere. But with caution and additional awareness, we can definitely be a little closer to our goals. Many of us have been doing solo trips, for long, after all. We are different, we have different goals, different reasons, different hesitations. Its overcoming some hesitations inside of us, that makes “solo trips” so special and so empowering.

I have been doing road trips with our group for a long time now, but the thought of heading out to a far-away place alone, I admit, sometimes troubled my mind. What if something bad happens? What if I get robbed of my wallet? What if I fall sick and to be specific, faint in the middle of nowhere (funny how the mind can trick you sometimes)? What if i fall asleep and wake up in a dark place? So many doubts, and only one answer. I have to do it. I have to do my first solo trip. Nothing can be as bad as I imagined, there is a good side of everything, every time.

It was almost sunset when Mr. Husband dropped me to the Volvo that would take me to Manali, some 500 KMS away from Delhi. There are times when we stay away from each other, like when he goes for his business trips or I go to visit my family. But, this time was different and Mr. Husband left no stone unturned to pass on some generous instructions on travel and how to keep myself aware of my surroundings. There was a dark cloud of doubts sailing in my head, still, I boarded the Volvo and started off with my journey.
It was a week long trip, where I would do everything that I would want to do. I might go on treks or sleep the whole day. I might read a book by the running stream or indulge in shopping the entire day, absolutely my choice.
Everyday was a wonder and when it was time to return home, I had happiness to share with my loved ones. I had stories to tell about how helpful people can be when you ask for their help, and how welcoming a new place can be when your open your heart. I have made new friends, got to know of more books that I should probably lay my hands on, and most importantly, how much I love my husband, my two little dogs and that place we called “home”.
Here are some pictures from the overall trip, detailed posts to follow 🙂

The view from my room, when the sun played hide-and-seek with the ever so beautiful clouds
The early morning view
The nature trail, connecting Old Manali to New Manali
Some thrill!!!
From an early morning walk to the other side of Old Manali
On the way to Lama Dugh Meadows Campsite, clicked by my Trek guide
We walked past the shepherds who were busy with the flock. Wool, anybody?
The solo trip, and then this trek…I am happy!!!! But first, rest.
Indrasen, Deo-Tibba and Hanuman-Tibba- those peaks.
Everyday, I would see them laughing and giggling while the mom collects fodder for the cattle.

Hope you liked the pictures. Will be back real soon.



  1. Pooja says:

    Beautiful pictures

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks a lot Pooja 😀

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  3. Shristi says:

    Shanta ur captures are really really amazing. Still m searching for the right word to describe.. . Words are less bliv me .. ua become such a talented photogrphr day by day. U knw it is also my dream to take my own camera and going evriwhr where I want to be.. Supergirl ..awsm

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much Shristi for such lovely words…it feels really great when you are on the right track and I hope one day you will make your dreams come true :* Thank you again. Love :*

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