If you let it, it’ll change you

“Even miracles take a little time”-Cinderella

First of all, wish you all a very happy Durga Puja. May the festive season brighten your lives and bring you happiness in abundance.

I haven’t travelled recently, so this is not a travel post. I should be in a position to write something about some lovely location pretty soon. Till then, let’s do with this post.

I, usually, do not write about “life”. As in, life updates. I am, in general, very closed about my life. I do not like everyone to know what’s going on in my personal space. But, I think this is important. If this post helps even one person or simply makes him/her think about it, I will consider this post, a success.

Location: Induruwa Beach

Imperfections appear as tiny cracks, I read somewhere. While many people ask us to embrace those imperfections, please note that, I am not talking about the physical imperfections. To be honest, we are all flawed and that makes us beautiful. But, in this post, I am talking about some habit or behavior we develop along the way, which seems to do us more harm than good. The point is, if we consider them as “imperfections”, should we get comfortable with them? Should we just take them as they come and get on with our lives as if everything is normal and unchanged?

Location: New Delhi

Since the last couple of months, I have been too comfortable with myself. Things came easily, without having to try that hard. I stopped pushing myself and stopped exploring. I hardly grew. I lost interest in many things that earlier motivated me. I started losing the kind of enthusiasm I had for life in general. I stood where I was, in the easy zone. Slowly, I was consumed by the feeling of being stuck at a place for long. I haven’t been moving. This affected me, unknowingly. For instance, I now look back and see that I did not finish reading even a single book or did not even explore any new music, which is so unlike me. I stopped surprising myself. I wasn’t depressed but I wasn’t happy either.

I guess that’s when a long/short term goal comes into play. I realized it is so damn important to have an ambition in life. One is never too old to have a goal. A goal varies from person to person, but in the end, it pushes you to become a better version of yourself. It is extremely important to know what/where you want to be in the long/short run and start manifesting all your energy towards that goal. How quickly you move, doesn’t matter. What others think of you, doesn’t matter anymore. It is your journey and yours alone. You are the master of that journey and you decide the path and the pace. Just keep moving. It will make you feel alive and help you focus on what is important. Slowly, everything else will fall in its place.

Location: Induruwa Beach

Afterall, it’s always a great idea to identify your weak areas and work on them, rather that attribute your miseries to someone or something else.

Have a goal, for, if you let it, it’ll change you.

See you soon <3


  1. Steve Burns says:

    I love the silhouette photos!

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you very much, Steve 😀

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