Himachal Day 2- Billing


After a sumptuous dinner and some light conversations around the bonfire the other night, we woke up early the next day to visit Billing, which was around 14 KMS ahead of Bir, considering our route. I made sure I get the birthday cake along, and fully planned to get the birthday boys cut the cake at Billing…in the mountains, below the sun, amidst nothing else but nature, and of course us. I forgot the candles though. Not being a morning person and having slept late the other night…I was almost in a trance for a while.

Billing is 14 KMS north of Bir, at an elevation of 2400 meters and is the paragliding launch site. The landing site is Chowgan, the southern part of Bir. The paragliding World Cup 2015 is set to commence from the 21st of October (just got the actual date from the internet).

We started driving uphill, and the road started becoming steeper and narrower. Construction was in progress in several areas of the route to prepare for the upcoming World Cup. We had to leave our car and start walking to the destination.

It was a blessing in disguise as walking in the woods makes me understand my perspective better and gives me immense pleasure. I seek oblivion in the mountains and it makes me abandon my worries and troubles. It makes me realize how tiny I am in front of the huge mountains, how tiny are my worries, and how little are my possessions. I can hear my heart sing in joy while my eyes try to shed a tear or two in reverence for Mother Nature. I feel complete.

I also got ample time to use my camera. After every few steps, I would wait and re-adjust the settings on my camera and start clicking. Slowly, we were in the sun and at the top, right at the gliding site. The view was mind-blowing. I just stared at the vast stretch that lay in front of my eyes, and thanked God for giving me such a wonderful life. It was time for cake cutting…to the amazing life and another year of awesomeness.

We visited Billing for Para Gliding. Upon reaching there, we got to know that the official date of the Para Gliding season was September 15th; moreover, we were informed that the sky needs to be clear to glide. It was a bit cloudy that day making it unfavorable for gliding (we are beginners by the way), and moreover, we won’t break any rules that are laid down for our safety. We were not disappointed because this means, we will be back there soon; to glide…this time with better knowledge and well-prepared. Billing is a beautiful site and from there you can see Bir and the adjoining places, lest the sky is clear. We went to a nearby stall for tea and made friends with a few strangers. We ended the Billing experience with some nice conversations about the experiences of trekking and random thoughts, over hot cups of tea and the chocolate cake. Happy birthday to Mr. Husband and M!!!

Back in the resort we took one final stroll, and headed back to Delhi with bucket full of memories and a memory card full of pictures. Here are some of the pictures from the majestic Billing. Just so you know, Para Gliding usually starts from 15th Sept and goes until November depending on the climate. Be careful while gliding and don’t mess with your instructor midway 😉 Should you need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the Comments section or email mentioned in the “about me” section.

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The slightly messed-up birthday cake

_DSC8756 _DSC8759

The birthday babies 😉

_DSC8762 _DSC8769 _DSC8774


I think it is important for me to write down that we picked up all the waste materials from the ground and dumped them in a dustbin. If everyone does their part, our country will be cleaner and healthier. Act wisely 🙂 Also, this is not the launch ground for paragliding. When we visited, they launch site was being renovated to accommodate the world class gliders. Hope you liked the pictures. Do visit this place to experience the grandeur of nature.

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Vikas Kalagi says:

    Hey nicely written with lovely pictures.. The first cow with the hill scape in the back drop… Amazing pic! Keep them coming.. 🙂

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much, Vikas 😀

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks Mukul.

  2. You have observed very interesting details ! ps nice internet site .

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Jose 🙂

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