Goa: Patnem Beach and the Resort

Our Goa holiday was very much wonderful, and we have to give major credit to the resort we stayed at. South Goa was our destination, so we chose THE LALIT GOLF & SPA RESORT which is located at around 60 KMS from the airport. Located pretty close to beaches like Palolem, Galgibaga and Agonda and sharing its boundaries with Patnem beach, it is spread along the pristine coastline. Spread across 85 acres along the coastline, it is an all-suite resort. Undoubtedly a huge resort, it was surprising to see that every corner was perfectly maintained. The lawns -manicured, pool – well maintained, every tiny bit of furniture-polished and every corner – cleaned. With several shacks and stores in its vicinity, we were full of options when it came to shopping or hanging out for a drink or two. There would be times when I would pick the cycle and take several rounds of the property, and trust me, every time my eyes were treated to something new, something that I overlooked before. This resort turned into an ideal retreat for us both. Being a morning person, I was also amazed to see the different species of birds in the golf course and the beach. Every evening I would go back to my spot on the beach to watch the sun go down the horizon across the sea. It was rejuvenating.

A few steps away is the Patnem beach. It is a quieter and smaller beach as compared to Palolem, and it is a very relaxed beach where you can laze around for hours by sitting in a shack and sipping your drink. Over here, you will mostly find tourists soaking the sun or reading a book. It reminded us of the Palolem beach a few years back. It is a friendly beach and a safe one as well, I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a quieter spot all by yourselves.

Here are some pictures for the beach and the resort.


Walking towards the Patnem Beach:


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  1. Harshita says:

    Sun,sea and sand beautiful combination

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks Harshita.

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