For the love of Earrings <3


I am totally in love with accessories of all kinds, be it earrings, rings, anklets, bangles, necklaces, chains, sunglasses, watches etc etc (the list goes on lol). I have been wearing them since the time I was born (if you know the Indian traditions…babies are worn accessories to keep the evil away, to attract positive energy etc), till today when they are more of fashion statement.

It was only when I decided to do a post on one of my favorites- the EARRINGS, I started digging into the history of it.

I was thrilled to know that one of the favorite fashion accessories, the earrings, has been popular even thousands of years ago, all around the globe. Most historians believe that both hoop and pendant earrings date back to about 2000 BC. Earrings then, were a predominantly male ornament. Over the time, they were sometimes used as an identification of economic status/social class/tribal affiliation etc. During the 13th century, they were out of style for a long time when the Catholic Church forbade the piercing of ears, stating that a person cannot alternate the body which is created in the image of God. Lower class people, gypsies, thieves and pirates continued wearing them.

Did you know that in the “Chandos” portrait, one of the most famous of the portraits that may depict William Shakespeare (1564–1616), the subject is seen wearing a gold hoop earring?

Times have changed, and today, different types of earrings are being worn by ladies as a fashion accessory to complement the looks. Talking of which, I thought of doing a post on my mostly loved earrings 😀

I have had a good-bad relationship with them. I can still remember the day when I had my ears pierced for the first time. I was pierced with gold earrings, and I couldn’t stop crying out loud in shock. All my growing years, I wore the thin round gold earrings. My skin being very sensitive, to avoid those infections, mom restricted me from wearing the costume earrings and also added that I should concentrate more on my studies rather than fashion 😛 😛

Now that I am an adult, she doesn’t mind me trying out the several accessories including earrings just that, I can’t wear them for more than 2 days at a stretch, lest my ears react hard on me. Still, I don’t mind being the proud owner of these beauties.

Below are the favorites of the studs, hoop earrings and chandeliers I own and love:-. 


These are an eternal favorite ageless earrings design that go so well with Indian ethnic look. It is important to choose jhumkas basis your neck length as they add a dimension of length to the face.


Hoop Earrings

If you are a boho-chic, you would know why I love these earrings so much. I can pair these with almost every look! I own them in several   colors- silver, gold, grey, black, purple, red, blue and so many more.


Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearls are timeless. They add an elegant touch to the classy or casual look and compliment any skin tone.



The Hanging flower stamped Earrings

These are traditionally styled earrings.  I usually pair these with a casual outfit, to make a stylish look.



Colorful Earrings

Moving out of the common gold and silver colored earrings, I also have a good collection of colorful earrings to match the color of my clothes. Of all the colored ones, I cannot choose anyone as my favorite. I kinda wear them often, and yes, have worn them occasionally to lift my spirits high.



This is a beautiful comment by Jennifer Lopez-

“Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.”

And I say-

“If you can’t give me love, that’s okay, just give me a pair of earrings 😛 😛 ”

Hope you liked the post!




  1. Sunita Gupta says:

    Superb , Superb, Superb

    1. Shanta says:

      Ahem Ahem! Thank you 🙂

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