Bali: Exploring the Neighborhood in My Prettiest Floral Top

Happy Tuesday Everyone 🙂

While I am writing this post, the chickens led by their momma, are busy collecting their food from the lawn at my front. The smell of coffee is in the air and I cannot help, but take a sip or two as I start typing. It has been raining on and off most of these days here, the trees cannot help but adorn themselves in vibrant green color. Somewhere in between, there is a beautiful flower breaking the monotony of the green. It’s peaceful here and I am so in love with the calm and quiet of this place. I am often reminded of the rainy days at home…Assam.

I did not step into Bali with a detailed itinerary. I had a feeling that I would like to explore the place based on recommendations from the host and other locals. So here I am, taking things slowly and using all the time in my hand to decide where I want to go.

If you read my previous post (day 1), you would know how hectic and exciting it was for me to attend a traditional Balinese wedding and team up with the photographers team to cover the entire Day 1 of the wedding. Towards the end of the day, I was sure I would be the last one to wake up. But no! I woke up early and was soon ready to go for a walk. A few meters away from my current home, is a rice field. The rice seeds have just been planted and the soil is consistently moist. Since this is wet season in Bali, I had to carefully put each step forward, lest I slip and cover my face in mud (haha). It was so pleasant and calm in the middle of the field. Occasionally, a farmer would walk past me with a smile or indulge in a casual talk for a while. I clicked several pictures here.

I wore this beautiful off-shoulder top from and I loved how it blended with the background colors so beautifully. This is probably the prettiest thing I am carrying in my suitcase. The wind would swirl the sleeves and I would smile like a princess (haha).

I spent my entire morning here. At around noon, I went to a restaurant called Warung Batan Bingin. This place offers BBQ and Grilled meat and I loved their food so much that I shall visit this place once again during my stay here.

Being a sunset chaser (this is what I like to call myself), it is nearly impossible for me to not go out during sunset, to a place that might offer me the best sunset pictures. I hurriedly packed my bag and walked to the same rice field that I went to in the morning. Right when I thought that the sky would light up in different colors, it suddenly started raining. I decided to call it a day with the hope that one day during my stay here, I shall capture the sky in all its glorious colors.

So here are the pictures from my entire day. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Ubud is the cultural hub of Bali and artefacts like these are found in abundance

I shall soon be back with the next post, I have the entire time of the world 😀

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Do take care and lots of love from Bali.

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Top: TrendArrest (

Hat: Accessorize


  1. Indira says:

    Alluring and beautiful

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Indu Always happy to find your little notes in the comments section

  2. Wow! shanta, loved your post about bali!
    and the photos are excellent as always <3 😀 🙂

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you tons, Sathis 🙂

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