Bali: Beach Hopping (Pandawa, Geger, Padang Padang and Canggu)

Bali is breathtakingly beautiful. My love for Bali is no secret by now. The more I talk about Bali, my love grows for this marvelous place. The vibrant green of the fields, the colors of the sky and the beautiful waves of the ocean; everything is so charming about Bali.

By now, I have shown you enough of Seminyak beach and it’s time to take you on a beach hopping trip.

Beach Hopping: We have somehow managed to stay in track and have been ticking some items off the “things-to-do” list. We have explored Ubud, did the Campuhan Ridge Walk, successfully completed the Sunrise Trek and so many other important things. It was now time to explore some beaches on South Bali. I made a list of “beaches to visit” by researching several websites and blogs. We took an entire day to explore Pandawa, Geger and Padang Padang; and spent another day at Canggu beach.

Getting Ready:

Mode of Transportation: We hired a scooter and started off early in the morning. We had several beaches on our list but due to time constraint, managed to check in to 4 of them.

Hiring a taxi can be expensive for two days and hiring a scooter is common out there. You will come across a “bike on rent” sign board quite often in Seminyak. To learn more about the charges, I would recommend you to check out the latest charges on several bike rental websites and compare. Plus, bargaining is always a great, great idea in Bali (I bargained on almost everything out there). Scooters are really handy when it comes to escaping the traffic that might turn ugly during the peak hours. Please ensure that you drive cautiously and obey the traffic rules as we have heard a lot about accidents due to speeding.

Navigation: We had our Google Navigation on and did not face any issue with reaching our destinations. Please make sure your phone is charged for the day else you will spend a lot of time asking people for directions.

What to bring along: Both the days were hot and humid. We made sure to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. We also stopped by the supermarket every now and then to buy water bottles and energy drinks. Other than that, we carried  some cash, sunscreen, a hat for me, a beach towel,  our IDs and documentation of the scooter.


Pandawa Beach:

My cutest driver <3 BTW, Welcome to Pandawa Beach

The distance from Seminyak to Pandawa is around 22 kms and the road is paved all along. There is a decent number of well-stocked supermarkets along the way. Once out from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful landscapes start unfolding themselves. We could see the different shades of the ocean from the road, which is carved through a mountain. When you start spotting beautiful statues of the gods from  Ramayana, placed in artificial caves along the road, you know you are very close to the Pandawa beach.

That view <3

Pandawa beach is extremely beautiful with its golden sand and clear water. It is unpolluted and we were awestruck at the view. Calm and peaceful, it is not a popular destination when compared to beaches at Seminyak and Kuta. There are limited cafes at the beach and we could not locate any ATM out there. So, be sure to carry some cash when you are out beach hopping in this area. This beach goes straight at the top of my recommendation list.

Clean and Calm
Towards the right side of the beach

Geger Beach:

Our next stop was Geger Beach in Nusa Dua. We had to drive past a huge stretch of bumpy road (some of it, I won’t even call  a road). But once done with the ugly part, the road was decent. Parking in chargeable at this beach though it is minimal. The view was quite similar to that of Pandawa Beach. There are some good eateries at this beach. The beach had great waves when we visited and we could spot several surfers out there. Additionally, the breeze was cool and I am assuming Geger Beach makes a great spot for catching sunsets. This beach is swamped with tourists considering it is one of the finest beaches of Nusa Dua region. Nusa Dua is an ideal place to stay if you want a relaxing holiday.

Picture Perfect Beach

Padang Padang Beach:

Is this even real?

Padang Padang Beach  is pretty close to the famous Uluwatu temple. We drove through the hilly but asphalt route of Uluwatu to reach this beach. It was an excellent drive with gorgeous landscape of both sides of the road. There is a huge parking area for this beach. To access the beach, we had to take a flight of stairs. There is an entrance fee for this beach (I think it was 10K IDR when we visited). There is a temple overlooking the beach and a group of monkeys welcomed us. They were quite playful and I had a lot of fun watching them play around.

At the entrance
The stairs run through a cave
The first sight

We read a lot about this beach and as a matter of fact, this beach was featured on the movie “Eat Pray Love”. The tides were quite high when we reached the bottom of the stairs and the waves almost touched the stairs. Because of this, there was limited space and was over-crowded. It was quite dirty as well and did not live up to my expectations. Prateek visited this beach 2 weeks back during his official visit to Bali and what he had a totally different experience at this beach. Maybe the time when we were there, was not the perfect time to visit this beach. We were there early February and the sea was quite rough. If you are planning to spend your day at Padang Padang Beach, make sure of the best time to visit to make the most of it since this is a beautiful place with an abundance of greenery.

It was almost 5 PM when we were done with Padang Padang beach. We were exhausted by then and decided to drive to the hotel and get charged for the next day.

Canggu Beach:

As expected, we woke up to our lazy selves the next day and continued with our beach hopping itinerary only at 11 AM. We had Tanah Lot and Canggu Beach on our mind but ended up spending sometime at Canggu beach alone. The ride took us around 30 mins and we were transported to a place that is extremely calm and refreshing.

Canggu is a coastal village and the countryside features beautiful rice fields. You can imagine how wonderful this place must be as this is a place where green vegetation meets the cool sea breeze. It is a quiet and peaceful place. There are small coffee-shops and eateries we came across every now and then. Our Day 2 of Beach Hopping was all about good vibes.

Canggu beach is a black-sand beach and a surfer’s paradise. One can hire instructors and take lessons on surfing here. The waves were big and we were delighted to watch so many surfers surfing their way back to the beach. Children were building sand castles while adults were busy sunbathing or surfing. We spent several hours at this beach and had a real good time.

We are so glad that we explored these beautiful beaches during our stay at Bali. A road-trip, is always, an EXCELLENT idea.

My Outfit Details:

Day 1

Harem Pants: Melange

Shrug: Billabong

Crochet Crop Top: Bought from Bali

Day 2

Top: Bought from Bali

Shorts: Billabong


  1. Steve Burns says:

    Nice post! Those look like some fantastic beaches!

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much, Steve. These beaches are our favorites too 🙂

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