Andamans: Day 4: Scuba Diving


How beautiful is the world under water! It’s surreal, too good to be true. Day 4 in the Andamans was all about Scuba-Diving and checking into a new hotel, to add something more to our Andaman experience. Travelling is different to different people. I am not so good with history, I am good with researching though. Staying in a good hotel or a resort is always a priority for me. Prateek shares the same opinion on this one. So, we didn’t want to just experience the hospitality and service on one resort, but two. Three would have been “more”.
Anyways, back to scuba-diving. We had a early-morning appointment for the dives. Munjoh has their own diving school, named “Doongi Dives” but was closed during our visit. They were good enough to book us for a session with “Gold Dives”. To be totally honest, I was scared. I have always been a big time aqua phobic, sometimes, scared enough to even loosen the grip in a bath-tub. That doesn’t mean I refrain from going into the water, I love the Ganges, I take dips into it, I love any river, they bring me peace and joy. But, the feeling of staying underwater, in the Andaman Sea was extremely horrifying. What if????
At around 8.30, we were in our costumes, ready for the training session. The instructors train you for around 30 minutes on the emergency signs, basic things to take care of (like relieving the ear of the underwater pressure) and sample dives. There we were, Prateek was too happy; I doubted if I should really go for it. The last minute butterflies in the stomach you see.
I stood up, ready to dive into the Sea, made up my mind firmly to go get it done no matter how scared I am. In a second, I was under the water, I automatically had control on my breath, I was relaxed, I was spell bound. We started going deeper and deeper into the blues. As if I was flying past beautiful paintings, paintings that any artist can’t paint. The group of fishes would swirl around me, as if welcoming me to their world. Nemo would occasionally say a hello. The beautiful corals were home to several plants, fishes would play hide and seek. Saw no snakes there, else I might have fainted. The colors underwater were vibrant. There would be fluorescent orange, lined by fluorescent blue, flowed by a subtle purple. Wonderful colors, like an inspiration for the painter looking for new colors.
The pictures shared below are clicked by “Gold Dives” as part of the package. Once done with the dives, Prateek booked another slot for the next morning. I would definitely recommend “Gold Dives” for an amazing diving experience. The instructors are amazing, and they won’t let you come back with a bad experience, provided you follow the instructions. We returned to Munjoh with some wonderful memories, and after some “alone” time at the private beach, we were off to our second accommodation- Sea Shell Resort. The rest of the day was all about lazing around, eating like two hungry animals and enjoying the wonderful vibe at Sea Shell. More about Sea Shell on the next post, to be posted very soon. Hope you enjoy the Scuba Diving pictures.

DSCN0726 DSCN0729 DSCN0730 DSCN0741 DSCN0752
DSCN0759 DSCN0780 DSCN0794


  1. 2travellingsisters says:

    Truly an amazing feeling to have an upclose look into the underwater life. Great pictures Shanta 🙂

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much, it was indeed an out-of-the-world experience 🙂 The photographer was kind enough to capture all that I pointed at 🙂

  2. harshita says:

    Really very nice experience Scuba Dive,Even I am also writing about our Andaman Trip

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Harshita. I wonder how I missed your comment earlier. Sorry 🙁 Hope you had a great trip.

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