A quick drive to the SurajKund International Crafts Mela and a special day


We recently drove a few KMS from home to the SurajKund International Crafts Mela/Fair. I am a huge fan of crafts and loom. Remember my fascination for Rajasthan? There cannot be a better place to witness the richness and diversity of the handicrafts, handlooms and cultural fabric of India, all at one place than this mela. The Surajkund International Crafts Mela is one of the biggest art and craft fairs of India.  Suraj Kund Mela has been showcasing Indian arts, crafts, culture and tradition, for the past 30 years at Suraj Kund, Haryana. The Mela is organized by the Surajkund Mela Authority & Haryana Tourism in collaboration with Union Ministries of Tourism, Textiles, Culture and External Affairs. For the 30th Surajkund International Crafts Mela-2016, the state of Telangana was chosen to be the Theme State.  Even though it was way too crowded, the day being a Sunday, the venue was a splash of colours and the festive spirit could be sensed everywhere. There were several booths offering the best of the states and undoubtedly, there was a vast array of colours. I almost fell in love with the beautifully decorated trees displaying beautiful tapestries and the wooden artefacts laid on newly painted tables for public display. It was quite easy to get lost there, only to find yourself flirting with the hues created by the some designer’s artistry, which were as beautiful as poetry.

Despite the crowd, I managed to get a few pictures of the booths. Hope you like them 🙂

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Welcome folks 🙂


And hey, this year we also completed half a decade of our marriage.  So, here’s to five years of our marriage. We have always been the best of friends, friends we could confide in, friends who we could lean on. So, even though we were married, we continued being the old friends that we were. We stood by each other during stormy days and laughed like crazy at even the stupidest jokes. Someone rightly said, “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse…millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” Slowly and gradually, we started converting our house to home and in the process of knowing each other, we started discovering ourselves. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would have been without him, but where I am right now, is home. And there is not a better feeling in the world than the feeling of being at home. And now, our marriage makes perfect sense and lives fit in just fine with all our imperfections. I have added a few pictures from the day here. I hope each one of you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.



  1. Archie says:

    lovely… reminded me of Dilli Haat…
    the pictures are very nice and so are the products…. the first shot is especially cool!
    Thanks for sharing…

    Cheers, Archana – http://www.travelwitharchie.com

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you Archie, I was almost lost in the colours. It was a place worth going to 🙂

  2. Next time you go for Surajkund Cradts Mela, do check out the kund behind it that gives the fair its name http://www.inditales.com/surajkund-from-the-pages-of-history-of-haryana/

    I used to visit it regularly till I was in Delhi and miss it every year that I am not there.

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks for the link. It will definitely be on my list for the next visit 🙂

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