A peaceful evening at the Riverside Park

Since weekdays are all about hectic schedules, weekends are supposed to be  fun. As is now a routine, I have started spending a couple of hours on Fridays by looking up for places to visit during the weekend. Since I do not have a car, the results were narrowed down to places accessible by the bus and Kamloops has an amazing bus service. I guess it only took me around 30 minutes from my place to reach the very beautiful Riverside Park. Only 30 mins to a place of vibrant green, happy vibes and great view! I do consider myself privileged 🙂

As the name suggests, Riverside Park is right next to Thompson River and is in the heart of Downtown, Kamloops. There is a beach as well but since the water level is quite high, it was submerged in water. Nonetheless, the concrete walking trail is well built and takes you from one end to the other comfortably, added by the river breeze and the sound of water touching the wind. It’s divine. I mostly ended up walking barefooted on the grass beside the trail. The park is huge ad is a wonderful place to picnic, do some yoga or just sit and stare at the vast stretch of the river waters. There is a toddlers park and a water park as well. There might be more, but these are the ones I came across. I also saw a couple of Canadian Goose and a few other birds. The fragrance of the lilac flowers add a new dimension of mystery to the already heightened senses. This is definitely a paradise for nature lovers. Whether you like to meditate or play a sport, this is the place to be. Added by a restaurant and decent washrooms, this park is a place that can be enjoyed for the entire part of the day with family and friends. Here are a few pictures from the park. Honestly, this is the kind of place where you forget to pull the camera out of the bag. Tip? Wear the camera on the neck (hehe, sorry, go check the pictures now) 😉

See you soon,

Shanta <3



  1. Steve Burns says:

    That is a beautiful park, Shanta! I loved the photos!

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