7 steps to take perfect selfies

Well, I am not a pro when it comes to photography but let me confess…I love taking selfies!!!

Most of my pictures that have been fondly liked on Facebook are selfies (yes, it’s true). I am sure all of us are aware of selfies, but in case you are not, it means a self-portrait photograph and is usually associated with social networking.


Advantages of clicking selfies:

a)    You can click till the time you are actually tired of clicking

b)    No one other than “you” is the boss 😉 No dependency on anyone at all

c)     Most importantly, you can experiment with your poses (most of the selfies I click, end up looking funny, see last collage)

How to capture those perfect selfies? Well, this is what I do-

a)     I prefer using my camera instead of my phone with the display screen facing me (make sure to check the settings)


(The first was clicked with a phone camera, other one with camera )

a)     I choose the location depending on the type of photograph I want (Flash vs. Natural Light, Portrait vs. Full Length etc)

b)    Prepare myself well (chose the right dress, apply makeup if required, accessorize myself etc)

c)     Decide if I should click it myself or use my tripod (if you don’t have a tripod, you can place the camera on a table and adjust the height using hard stuffs like books, boxes etc)

d)    Turn on the continuous shooting mode

e)     Click at least 15 photographs with different poses

f)     Select the best one

g)    Edit (I mostly use it to crop) and I have my selfies ready to publish (HURRAY)

Below are some of my selfies…




And here comes the funny one   😛


PS:  Of all my favorite selfies, not one of them was captured in the mirror.

Hope this helps.

And please do not forget to share your selfies, coz you are beautiful 🙂 Keep showering your love!

Thanks to all who have liked my previous posts and are following me. This is really really encouraging!




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  3. Vishal says:

    Great advise regarding selfies. I have mugged up all the steps to capture a perfect selfie, just need to buy a camera now.

  4. shanta says:

    Hehehe good luck Vishal. I know u can easily do the wardrobe post considering the number of tshirts and jeans u own

  5. Vikas Kalagi says:

    Camera might say “a pro behind and pro in the front.” 😀

    1. shanta says:

      LOL..Thank God cameras don’t talk, else I would have been a killer by now 😀

      1. Vikas Kalagi says:

        hahaha 😀 thanking the god!

  6. Sunita Gupta says:

    You are just Awesome babe

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks Dear 😀

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