6 different ways to style a shirt and a dress

Hello Everyone,

This is a tiny post about styling that ONE shirt and ONE dress in SIX different ways. Mostly when I travel, I resort to these styling ideas.

Reason: Travelling light.

This black dress is one of my favorites. The shirt is from Mr. Husband’s closet. This one doesn’t fit him anymore (haha) and he was planning on dumping it. I just couldn’t let him do that and shifted it to my closet. I love the color of this shirt A LOT. It’s way bigger than my size and so I decided to style it in different ways to make it wearable. Hence, this post.

Let’s start with the looks.

a) Take it Easy

For this look, I simple am simply wearing the shirt over the dress. It gives a very casual look, totally suitable for urban hippies like me.

b) Belt over all

Just add a belt to the above look to get this look. The belt highlights the body shape and gives it a defined look. I did all the looks in one go, so I wore the same shoes. This look can easily be clubbed with high heels and a clutch.

c) Tuck it in

For this look, I wore the belt over the dress. Then I buttoned the shirt and folded some of the extra portion and tucked it into the belt. I also adjusted the shirt for a relaxed look.

d) Do “Knot”

This one is pretty simple. Just buttoned the shirt till the mid portion and used the rest to create a knot. This look is one of my favorites.

e) Tie around the waist

For the quirky look, I tied the shirt around the waist. I find this style pretty chic and effortless.

f) Where are the buttons?
Well, they are at the back. This is almost similar to look#d, except that the knot and buttons are at the back. It can be a bit challenging to tie the knot at the back, so you might need a little help initially. If you want to hide the knot, you can simply throw a shrug or jacket for a different look.

I hope you liked the post. Have fun creating these looks if you try any.

Outfit details
Dress: Guess
Shirt: His Wardrobe
Shoes: Adidas Originals


  1. Rituparna says:

    I like all the looks pompi .. you are rocking. Did you started modeling and photography these days. Keep rocking.

    1. Shanta says:

      Thanks a lot Pimi ba. Yeah, have taken up photography. Modelling is just for my blog hehe 🙂

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