10 Photographs : Himachal Pradesh

I have always found Himachal Pradesh to be delightfully charming. The stunning valleys and its alluring woodlands, the quaint resorts by the hillside and the way the morning sun rays crawl into the bed, the hospitable locals and the sweetest kids with the chubbiest red cheeks, the spectacular sunrises and the softest sunsets, I can go on and on about the charms and hypnotic characteristics of the ever so gorgeous Himachal Pradesh. Be it the hippie cafes near Bhagsu Falls or the delicious cuisines at any food joint at Shimla, the silence at Chail or boisterous Mall Road of white Manali, Himachal Pradesh has so much to offer.

Here are 10 photographs of the panoramic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh that might just trigger your travel bug to pack your bags and head out for a vacation in the mighty Himalayas.

Early sunny mornings look a bit like this. It is so beautiful and soothing. It is a different kind of green and the sun isn’t so harsh. It is just perfect to  jump-start your day by exploring nearby places.

If you are a sky lover and a cloud chaser, you won’t be disappointed. Every single second is precise to capture the scenery. These pictures will bring back the adventures you have had during the trip.
The weather changes very swiftly. If you are in your hotel, you can watch the rain pour while being wrapped in your warm blanket. If you are out driving, you can end up in pictures like this where you can have the raindrops pose against the bright blue sky. This also becomes the best time to hunt for the instant maggi serving joints and when you combine maggi with such wonderful weather, it is bliss. To be on the safer side, we always store an umbrella or two in the car. We don’t like getting drenched in the rain when the temperature is already that low.
Minutes turn into hours and you just can’t get enough of the peace and calm the place has to offer. The magic of such scene is often intensified when you have a book to immerse on or got your favorite music on. I mostly play with my camera or read something romantic. Well, that’s me.
The nip in the air is one big excuse to cuddle and snuggle with your loved ones. There is no dearth of those ideal places where you can just stop, sit and chit-chat with your friends and family. Plus, the view is downright gorgeous. It’s almost certain you will fall in love with yourself and your surroundings.
Trekking is so popular there that you can immediately book your trek and head out to some nearby places and end up in places with views like this. Isn’t that remarkable?
Occasionally, you would come across old fashioned tiny houses like this. I find them so picturesque and only wish I had such a backdrop at my home where I can make anyone pose and bring out the beauty of the subject and the backdrop.
In several places of the state, all you need to do is raise your head and you would find a majestic mountain peak covered in snow staring right back at you. Nothing less than marvelous!
Once you have explored the populated areas, you can always trek to find that place which gives you a bird’s eye view of the town. I always end up pointing at certain landmarks and exclaiming in glee, “Look, we were there…and there…and there!!!”
And then, you get to witness the softest sunsets. It’s almost magical when the sun rays find their way out of the dense clouds. The perfect evening!!!

Hope you liked the pictures and the post.


  1. Breathtaking photos..

    1. Shanta says:

      So glad you liked the pictures. I can’t wait to pack my bags and leave!!!

  2. Pradeep says:

    AS always amazing blog

    1. Shanta says:

      Thank you so much Pradeep 🙂

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