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Life is an interesting game, Play it


Life is a treacherous game,

You wonder if it’s fair

You still keep your memories safe

Trying hard to heal those invisible wounds.


The tears when you bid someone you loved, Goodbye, squeeze your heart

You wonder if it’s fair

Only to smile years later and you praise your reminiscences,

And comprehend life the way it should have been,

Kneeling before the vast sky and the stretch of green,

You look at your reflection in disbelief

Knowing what a fool you have been,

You give up to the higher plans and acknowledge destiny.


A little bird I saw the other day

Was screaming loud to get back

To the warmth of his mother’s arms!

When suddenly…he slipped,

For a moment he thought he would be buried soon! He cried.

He couldn’t let gravity win, trusted his instincts,

Gave up his fear, stretched his little wings and soared against the fall

Only to realize

That he was falling in love, slowly and silently

With the magical touch of the air on his body with every flutter he made.

The magnificence and splendor of the vast blue sky has him enchanted,

He flies with the clouds now! The sky is his home and the wind, his lover.


An old man I knew, gave up his luxury

For the education and well-being of his infant

He lived a harsh life, a life of daily struggle,

Now his child is all grown up

Serves him and his country well

He cries in pride, of all the memories he have made,

He rests assured every night

His sacrifices have not gone in vain, he smiles in contentment.


I gave up my ego, to brighten my inner self

I learnt to make peace with myself

The monsters from my past don’t trouble me anymore.

Friends and foes are one to me, in nature I collapsed

I gave myself up to the higher power and let Him take over

I have changed for good, better than I thought I could.

I am free of the pain I conceived for myself…I smile.

Nature has perfectly designed things for us all.


Life is like a river, has its ups and downs, twists and turns.

Flow with it, a river can teach you the lessons that the wise often seek.

Sometimes it might look like a treacherous game,

You can fight the bad and the worst won’t forever last!!!

Believe in the Supreme One, He has a plan for us all

If there were no pain, there would be no pleasure

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride, Heaven is right here.

-Shanta (2014)

Walk at the beach

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This photograph was taken at the lovely beach of Cavelossim, South Goa., at around 5.30 am. I couldn’t help myself from waking up early to watch the beautiful sunrise, the fishermen’s capture, the birds trying to grab fishes, the sea-shells in the brightest of colors and overall, NATURE. This is one of the many photographs captured during our stay in Goa.




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My April Fashion and Beauty haul



My month is not declared a “success” if I have not bought anything for myself (throughout the seasons, round and round :P ). I mean, you live this life once, why keep on dreaming what you can be or what products you could have used? Why not start being what you have always wanted to be and do what makes you happy?


I have been buying so many products, and never thought of sharing the details with you. I know you might come across many reviews but I seriously do not care. My blog is all about my love for poetry, photography and fashion.  I am not sure if I would actually review these products, but I will definitely talk about them.


Before I show you my list of stuffs I bought this month, let me candidly confess that I do not love any particular brand or line. I tend to buy anything that I love (kind of love at first sight. I believe certain things were made for you and you were bound to be together, there is an unseen connection that lives. But it is equally important to practice sensible shopping. This statement comes from experience. To be very honest, I have several stuffs that own, but have not used them more than once. They only looked good; they could not make me feel good. Nonetheless, I sometimes say to myself, how would you ever know if you never tried? So here I go, with my shopping bags.


Without wasting much time, let me take you directly to the topic and the picture of the topic.


M&S Indulgent Fig and Orange oil Moisturizing Body Butter: I am in love with their cosmetics line, especially the body butter range. All products have this distinct fragrance that make me go back to them for body butter, over and over again. You would know what I am talking about if you are a “fragrance baby” like me (hehe). This is for daily use, especially after the shower and should not be used for the face.


CherryBliss Body Lotion: It is a moisturizer enriched with Cherry and Strawberry extracts. It claims to smoothen your skin (definitely a YES). Apart from Cherry and Strawberry extracts, it also includes the goodness of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. Totally loving this product.


Lotus Nail Paint: This one is #79, Mint magic. It is Toluene and DBP free (which means it is an eco-friendly product). It is a really cool color and I have been wearing it for quite some time now (I somehow am not done with it yet :P ). I guess I will end up wearing it the entire summer this year. Good for me:D



Lotus Lip Balm (Velvety Rose): Lotus Lip Balms have always been a treat for the lips. This one has a “Velvety Rose” fragrance and comes with SPF 15. It claims to re-hydrate, heal and protect your lips. I have always loved Lotus lip balms and this one is definitely worth a try if you are in love with the magical rosy fragrance.


David Jones Hand Bag: Now, I am absolutely proud of this buy…especially because of the really cool color (pale blue) and its design. The style is DJ 171. The inner pockets are stitched of floral materials making it a “perfectly girly” product. I am in love with it and will be seen carrying it around.


Apart from these, I also bought a Himalaya Protein Shampoo (Extra Moisturizing for Normal to Dry hair). It is free from Parabens, Silicone and SLES (mentioned). This shampoo claims to be a blend of herbs and the key ingredients are Fenugreek, Sesame, Netted Melon and Aloe. I often change my shampoo and that’s the way it is to keep my hair young and joyful, I did not yet run out of the previous shampoo completely but, when I laid my eyes on this one, I couldn’t resist. It’s a good product and it smells while making my hair feel soft and manageable. I would definitely not end the experience with one bottle J


So that’s all about it and now that I have started, I will keep on doing these shopping posts every now and then, whenever the “poetry-writing” spirit is subdued (it comes and goes you see ;) ). Hope you all like them and find them helpful.


PS: The above mentioned is my personal opinion based on my skin tone.

Have a wonderful Sunday you all and keep smiling.






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