Nagau: Ramtal Resort and a few pictures

I wrote about the journey from New Delhi to Nagau (the journey ) and a few things you can do while you are there (things to do). It’s time to show you some pictures from our scintillating experience and also review the resort (#RamtalResort) we stayed at.


We have reached!!!


The entrance to the resort. It’s a new resort and they are still working on the looks.

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Nagau: A different experience (Things you should ideally do)

I have always considered myself to be the wild one. When I call myself the “wild soul”, I usually refer to my dreams and my willingness to chase them no matter how impossible them seem to be. But this time, during our trip, we encountered some other souls who had a whole different definition of “wild” and I am crediting them for being the complete inspiration for this post.

So, what do you do when you are in a quiet and beautiful place like Nagau? You might call me an old school, but below are the things I did and usually do on similar trips- Continue reading

Delhi to Nagau and back – 1

When mornings start early

And the white sheet of fog disappears

The woolens slowly start settling in the storage beds

Silently, the summers have arrived

And when the mountains call your name

You don’t stop till you get your dose of the mountain air.

(My thoughts as I start writing about our journey)


This time the destination was Nagau, which is a village pretty close to Chakrata, Uttarakhand. Continue reading


Emotions in Black & White- Qutab Minar (Delhi)


Hope everyone is doing fine out there. I know it’s been a while, but I am back with some pictures 😀 😀

I participated in a photo walk last month and strolled around Qutab Complex hoping to find some good shots. It was a sunny day and looked perfect for clicking. Each one of us was supposed to pick a theme and go start clicking. I chose Monochrome, so you see in the pictures below.

It’s a very good place for people photography where you can catch many different moments, throughout the different phases of life. The young and the old, the happy and the cold… they are right there waiting to be photographed. Continue reading


Some wonderful people

Several times, all the journeys that we undertake, all the photographs that make us smile, all the stories that light up our little world, comes down to people. There are a few people you meet during these journeys, that leave an impression and years later, when you see their photograph, the memories become so vivid that you can actually relive the moment. This post is about some people I met in 2015, that left an impression on me. Continue reading