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The Inner Self


Have you seen yourselves being treated badly?

And then wonderfully?

By the same person, different days?

I have!!!

I wonder sometimes if life is fair, if values exist anymore!

If love really has no boundaries at all!

The other day, it was a sunny day…I was relishing the world around.

I was lazy too, didn’t feel like combing my hair or wearing funky shoes.

I dressed up in lazy clothes, they weren’t ragged

They were tidy, but were cheap and did not make me broke

I was comfortable, I smiled

I felt I looked pretty, pretty like a bird flying high up in the sky.

I wandered off to the market; smiling and contended.

It was a sunny day, a beautiful one.

But…many eyes looked down at me,

I wondered why, and then I realized

It was my cover, not by behaviour.

A shopkeeper or two decided that I won’t be able to pay

Pay for the things that I wanted to buy.

I laughed at them, they all looked like fools to me

For, they were the same folks who cried out a few days back in glee,

“Madam, please come to the shop, you might like several things you see”.

I am not rich and I am not poor

I am a free bird, my wealth is my happiness, within and around.

Do not form an opinion so quick, do not be so judgemental.

Do not judge someone by the clothes they wear

Clothes make you look good, honestly, but that is not all,

There is a world beyond the cosmetic look one wears.

No matter how ugly a person might look

Take time to know them, then form an opinion

For you are only human, and even God might be mistaken at times!


Poetry 2015


Life goes on :-)


I am sorry! I stayed away from my blog for a long time this time, more than a month. So many things happened during this break. Delhi went out to vote, the Indo-Pak match, the grand Republic day celebrations etc etc. My life hasn’t changed much, though it has just been an okay-okay sort of month for me. Mr. Husband broke his bone and underwent a surgery, and was bed-stuck for almost 10 days. He will take almost another month to recover. This instance introduced me to the “life in a hospital”. Just like our offices these days, the hospital too had no day, and no night. Though the staff was nice to talk to and glad to help, just the feeling of being in a hospital can be depressing enough to close half of the senses. There was an old lady who would chat with me during her graveyard shift and share some life-stories over a cup of tea. I loved her, she ensured I had all I wanted…tea in the middle of the night, chilled water, snacks etc etc (enough of the double “etcs” huh). Anyways, Mr. Husband is recovering and I am sure we will be soon back to our old days!

 There hasn’t been any road trip since our Rajasthan trip and I guess it will take a while to hit the roads once again.

 On a cheerful note, we celebrate our marriage anniversary on Valentine’s day. This time around, we decided we would listen to each other talk about all that happened in these years. Also, there was some good food, flowers, some movies and some heart to heart talks. So it’s a lesson learnt, sometimes, things do not turn out to be the way you planned. Just like sunny days, you might have to face some dark days. You should be ready to adapt to any situation to put into. Not every day is a fairytale; there are sometimes bumps on the road. Sometimes, the journey is complicated but the destination is sweet. Sometimes, the journey is a walk on flowers, while the destination may not be able to win your heart. And you are seriously lucky if both the journey and destinations turn out to be “super-awesome”. And also, you have the entire world if you got each other’s back!

Sharing some pictures of the beautiful flowers that ended up in my flower vase, no doubt, they brighten up my world. Hope you had a great month so far, and wishing you all many love-filled months ahead! Share some thoughts!

 _DSC6348_DSC6358 _DSC6355 _DSC6351



Rajasthan: A DREAM (Part 4: The STAY)

With Rekha after the dance session                                                          With Rekha after the dance session (Brys Fort)

All right! So I have covered most of the major items encountered during our Rajasthan road trip. We did posts on the sand, the camels and the road. What remain are the stay and some miscellaneous items related to the stay.


Our road trip was planned in such a way that we halted  Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and  Bikaner. Continue reading


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