Thailand (1) – A Photo Tribute to Koh Samui


By the time the boarding gate was open for travelers flying to Koh Samui, the sun rose high up in the sky and so did our excitement level. It was an hour long flight from Bangkok to Samui (the 2nd largest island of Thailand) and within minutes of take-off, we are flying over the turquoise green sea with numerous feathers of white clouds occasionally blocking the view. We are talking all the way, sometimes about our journey from Delhi to Bangkok and sometimes about our expectations of the island we are about to step in.

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The greens of monsoon


Having spent over a decade at Delhi and shuttling between Delhi and Gurgaon for years, I usually associate Delhi Monsoon to flooded roads and nerve-racking traffic jams. The scene is not that different when I rewind my memories to childhood as well, except for the traffic jams. We witnessed floods every year, and the National Highway that ran very close to my home would be filled with relief camps. Schools were shut down and people lost their homes and cattle and of course the vegetation was ruined. It took months to get back in shape and restore the lost assets.

Bad things aside, monsoon is also a blessing for the dying plants after the severe heat wave of the summers, especially in this part of India. Once the rain starts pouring, the buds start showing and slowly, the beautiful flowers start blooming all around. The dust layer is also washed away, revealing the beautiful shade of green. These are the little luxuries of life and I sure relish them. Continue reading


10 Photographs : Himachal Pradesh

I have always found Himachal Pradesh to be delightfully charming. The stunning valleys and its alluring woodlands, the quaint resorts by the hillside and the way the morning sun rays crawl into the bed, the hospitable locals and the sweetest kids with the chubbiest red cheeks, the spectacular sunrises and the softest sunsets, I can go on and on about the charms and hypnotic characteristics of the ever so gorgeous Himachal Pradesh. Be it the hippie cafes near Bhagsu Falls or the delicious cuisines at any food joint at Shimla, the silence at Chail or boisterous Mall Road of white Manali, Himachal Pradesh has so much to offer.

Here are 10 photographs of the panoramic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh that might just trigger your travel bug to pack your bags and head out for a vacation in the mighty Himalayas.


Early sunny mornings look a bit like this. It is so beautiful and soothing. It is a different kind of green and the sun isn’t so harsh. It is just perfect to  jump-start your day by exploring nearby places.

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