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Out of the Blue- A Pushkar delight: Rajasthan 2


All right, let me now tell you about aย cafe we went to. I am fond of cafes that play Himalayan trance, serve fresh juices, and gives you that little corner to reflect upon your life or maybe read a few pages of your on-going novel. Well, thatโ€™s me. Rishikesh introduced me to such cafes, and since then, I keep on chasing such hangouts. M (one of us) really wanted to visit “Pink Floyd Cafe”; however, we were a little far away from its location. We looked up for another offbeat cafe at Lonely Planet, and settled down for “Out of the Blue”. In my mind, I pictured something that would surprise us. Continue reading

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Welcome to Pushkar, Rajasthan : 1

We recently did a 3 day trip from Delhi to Pushkar, again a roadtrip.ย  Rajasthan has become a second home to me. Notwithstanding the fact that mountains will always be my first love, Rajasthan and its colours have continued to lure me and by now, I am totally trapped in its beauty and grandeur. The fine stretch of highway is yet other reason to keep on going back to Rajasthan. We started off with the trip early in the morning so that we can check in to our resort by noon.


View from a cafe, overlooking the Pushkar Lake

Pushkar is around 430 kms from here, via the NH8. The route was a simple one-ย  Delhi- Behror -Jaipur By Pass – Pushkar. Continue reading


Neemrana Fort Palace- A Quick Drive on a Sunday Afternoon


It has been on our Go-To list for years now. This time, we finally made it.

Neemrana is an ancient town in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is around 120 kms from Delhi, and is located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The highway is a wonderful stretch, very smooth and wide, barring the Dharuhera stretch. We were slightly delayed by traffic there, both ways. Continue reading


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