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The Masks



While we ponder over the activities

Others indulge themselves in,

Why don’t we see the masks that rest on our faces?

We are no longer what we think we are.


Our thoughts are fabricated,

Our vision is blurred;

We cannot let these masks fall,

For our ugliness we cannot face.


We laugh at the clowns,

Strangely, they laugh at us.

We are all shadows of a darker self,

Have become what we used to hate.


These masks have become our self.

We have evolved, emotions we do not feel…

We laugh at our neighbors, abuse our Mother

We are no longer what we think we are.


-Shanta (Poetry 2014)


The first time…


There is a first time for everything

Savor it while it lasts.

It may not be the best of all

But it stays down your memory lane

Till you last.


Memories play a complicated game

Strong enough to heal you years later,

Some moments brighten up your soul

Part of them have always been the first times.


The first time you jumped off the cliff to the water

Walking past your fear and doubts,

The first time you spoke to a stranger

Breaking the barrier of what’s and if’s,

The first time you dealt with your broken heart

Thinking life has been ruthless on you,

The first time you gave yourselves up

Believing the best is about to be,

These first times do not repeat themselves.

Bring out the best in them,

They will stay by your side till you last.


Adorn the good experiences, they shape you up

Let go off the lousy ones, habits they should not become.


First times are special, do not rush past them

They don’t repeat themselves

Savor them while they last.


-Shanta (Poetry 2014)

Photograph : Making friends at Manali

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A Lazy Saturday Afternoon





Hello Everyone,

Didn’t have much to do on a Saturday afternoon, so I decided to move around the house with the camera in the hands. I shot many things, right from coffee mugs to cushions. It was then I saw an old pair of shoes lying in the balcony, there I had the subject- Shoes. I spent around an hour capturing different pairs of shoes and I really loved some of the results. Now again, I am not a pro while talking about photography, but I love it when my photographs talk. Sharing some of the results. Happy Weekend :)



                 Let the shoes do the talking


                        Afternoon nap


 Always by your side

PS: Thank you Mr Husband for the big shoes :)


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